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Protecting the sea in Portugal with EPAL and FUNDAÇÃO LIGA

In the context of World Sea Day, which falls on Sunday 26 September, EPAL and Fundação LIGA launched the project “EPAL LIGA-se” with the aim of raising awareness among citizens for the protection of natural resources and, at the same time, promoting the artistic work of people with disabilities.

EPAL challenged Fundação LIGA and its artists to create a set of pieces that, in a symbolic way, exalt the importance of protecting this natural resource, so fundamental to the well-being of the planet. In this first edition, the “EPAL LIGA-se” project includes a collection – four coasters – dedicated to the Sea, says a note issued by EPAL.

While EPAL continues the work it has been developing to defend natural resources, to encourage the consumption of tap water and to challenge behavioural change, it joins these important messages with other no less important causes that extol equality, inclusion and support for the most vulnerable.

“The partnership with EPAL represents an enormous added value for Fundação LIGA and for its Arts House, in terms of sustainability, as well as for the visibility of our work and recognition of our artists’ capacities, enhancing the appreciation of diversity as an added value for a plural and increasingly inclusive society,” says Fundação LIGA.

This collection is intended for the 250 entities that have signed up to the challenge of exclusive consumption of tap water.

As part of this EPAL campaign that promotes the quality of Lisbon’s water and encourages public and private entities in the capital to consume water from the public network in their facilities, about 10,000 jugs and glass bottles with the EPAL brand have already been distributed for daily consumption of this universal good, contributing to more environmentally friendly habits and the planet.




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