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A label for family-friendly workplaces

On 14th June, UNAF France, represented by Yvon Serieyx, in charge of the “Economy-Consumption-Employment” division, took part in the first committee of experts of the Family Friendly Company label, launched by the organisation “Ensemble pour l’éducation de la Petite enfance”. What are the mission and objectives of this label?

The organisation, in partnership with the French Ministry of Health, is committed to bringing to life the 1000 days approach within companies that are committed to supporting early childhood, parenthood, and life balance.

The labeling process is an invitation to companies to transform and innovate in order to better take into account knowledge on child development and to meet the new needs of working parents, through concrete measures to reconcile their work and family life.

The label aims to :

  • Educate executives, managers, and employees about the challenges of parenthood in the workplace;
  • Consolidate good practices in favour of work-life balance in the company;
  • Optimize the impact of family policy;
  • Identify the levers of transformation to meet the new societal challenges.

More info here (in French).

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